Graviton Beam Emitter (Blame! inspired mod for Xenonauts)

I recently released a mod for Xenonauts, an X-COM inspired squad tactics alien invasion defence force simulator.

GBE Xenopedia Research

It adds the Graviton Beam Emitter from the Blame! manga by Tsutomu Nihei.

In the manga, its a ridiculously powerful weapon that punches through anything, creating holes in the environment that go on for kilometers. In the mod, it turns the game in to a New Game+ experience, where you get to play more gung-ho, blow stuff up and this time make the aliens fear you.

I enjoyed playing Xenonauts and had a wish to make the GBE into an actual usable weapon within it for some time, so I finally whipped this up in a few days, just for fun.

Check it out here:!-inspired-weapon%29


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