Announcing: PSRC – A huge library of pixel sprites

As a part of my long term goal of creating a boundless game I’ve been itching to create, I’ve been spending a lot of time this year on creating a systematic workflow for creating mass-produced pixel game art.

Hopefully I can make a living on this so I could finally have the space and time to study design patterns in peace and actually make that boundless game later on.

Its getting really close to being ready for release, so I decided to announce it to get some awareness and also give a chance for people to affect what I should prioritize in terms of objects.

Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore is basically a huge library of pixel art sprites for game development use.


It will be sold at the Unity Asset Store in packs for 5-10$ with each containing over a hundred items, meanwhile I’ll also be releasing a free Starter Pack, which has plenty of essential stuff enough to make a game.

Heres a sneak peek at the Starter Pack WIP sheet. I am open to suggestions on adding more essential stuff to the free starter pack, so either post a comment, email me or reply at the Unity forums thread ( to let me know what you’d want to see.

StarterPackBlurredInitially there will be 6+1 packages released soon:
-Human Character
-Skeleton Character
-Hardware Building Tools
-Kitchen Utilities
-Outdoor Maintenance Tools
-House Furniture

+Free Starter Pack.


Each packages is based on a certain theme or group of object, so after the above are released, I’ll be working on these packages next:
-Forest flora
-Military tech
-Gore & blood
-Futuristic tech
-Medieval tech
-Animal characters
-Industrial machines
-Seamless textures
-Signs, markings, notices
-Farming equipment
-Raw food
-Cooked food
-Biome objects


In other words, I’m gonna be busy making a giant library of sprites for a while.
You can voice your opinion on what pack I should prioritise next or if there is some theme/category I did not list above.

Check out the Unity forums thread:


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