PSRC Progress: Starter Pack, Heli, Boats, Guns

Since the last time, I looked at what more I could add to the Starter Pack of the Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore (PSRC) series of game art, I had these so far:

  • prototyping shapes
  • a human character
  • clothes
  • digging tools
  • natural forest objects
  • a car
  • a plane
  • some weapons
  • measurement rulers
  • common gameplay objects
  • consumables
  • balls

The idea for the Starter Pack is to serve as a free entry into using my sprites, which has enough objects and art to make a complete game out of, meanwhile the other packs would be considered as additional expansion packs, which would expand upon certain themes that the developer might specifically need for their game.

Its a bit of like an ethical and fair freemium model. You get a generous free starter pack that is enough to make you a full game, but if you want more art, then you’ll buy the expansions to extend your library.

Anyway, thinking on what more to add, I figured since if I had a car and a plane already, then why not have a boat too? Land, Air and Sea… you know. And since in 2D games a more suitable flying vehicle would be a helicopter, why not add that as well:


Then I figured since I’m offering a pistol, a sniper rifle and a grenade, might as well complete the set with a good ol’ AK47 and a shotgun:


In addition to that, I also added some fruits, boat accessories and a sheet of seamless tiling textures. The idea is that you can build a level out of the prototyping shapes, then have your game engine assign a tiling texture on top of them. I also cut the whole thing into optimized sheets and lined up the sprites.


So, now I’m happy to say the Starter Pack is pretty much filled with a complete spectrum of stuff. All if left now, is to color them, error check for rogue pixels, cut them into individual sprites images, prepare marketing images, descriptions and a nexus page of some sort. Only a few days now. I hope.

I’m offering the pack as optimized power-of-2 sheets of 256×256 pixels, but also as individually cut objects, so you can choose which format suits your engine/system better.


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