Stress of creative work

When you’re doing creative work, there are times where your mind just shuts down on its own. You still have ideas of what to do next, todo lists with stuff that needs to be done and mental notes of tasks waiting to get completed, but then you just end up staring into the distance blankly and do absolutely nothing.

Feels like you’re being self-destructive by what looks like procrastinating, even if in reality you’re still actually thinking subconsiously or taking a much needed step backwards to re-evaluate a recent previous task where you saw a flaw that can influence other things. Or hell, maybe you’re just tired and ran out of brain power for the day, unable to think of anything at all until tomorrow after some sleep.

You know you stopped for a reason, but also know that progress has annoyingly slowed down and is often dependent on factors beyond your control, which can make a creative artist’s work be very frustrating at such times, especially when there are outside pressures in real life.

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