PSRC: Release is GO!

PSRCLogo4Its finally here! The first Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore packages have been released on the Unity Asset Store. Click the link to my website to get an overview:

Heres a gallery of the type of packages available now:

PSRC_StarterPack_DEMO PSRC_UrbanMaintenance_DEMO PSRC_KitchenGear_DEMO PSRC_HouseUtilities_DEMO PSRC_BuilderHardware_DEMO PSRC SkeletonChar DEMO PSRC HumanChar DEMO


How to prevent others from making mistakes you see them about to make?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about an issue. The issue of me seeing people do dumb decisions and how could it be possible for me to prevent it. Both in life and game design.

I had this one on my mind for a long while, but lately two things pushed me to just make a blog post about it to express my feelings of frustration towards this.

I’m currently participating in an Alpha test for a game called Reassembly, by Anisoptera Games. Its a top down space shooter where you can build your ship out of simple modules and make something remarkable, then use it to defeat other remarkable ships in an open world galaxy.


Then, I watched an interview by VICE on a rapper, who allegedly stole an armored police car along with some gold and is now sitting in prison, his artist name being Xatar.

These are just two concrete examples, but there are many, many, many, many… and many more. Some have already happened, others I can see happen before they will, but realize I’m powerless to stop it.

The common thing about the two above things and many other instances, is how people are often doomed to take actions or to make decisions that will have concequences they wish they could have avoided before it ever happened.

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Video games can(not) cause violence

With the recent controversy over Hatred, a game about a nameless trenchcoat man going on a murderous rampage after being frustrated with the world, which got momentarily banned from Steam, sparked immense controversy over its violent trailer and caused lots of hysteria, I really wanted to think this one through.

Can video games cause violence?

Cause? No.

Encourage? In a very specific way, yes.

However, as wierd as it sounds, Hatred is actually more of a game that would discourage violence than encourage it.

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5 big things about game design the game industry is missing out on

Originally I wrote this for a Finnish blog as a request, but the guy I was doing it for dissappeared, so might as well post it here, in english.

Anyway, this post is about a number of major game design related things that I’ve observed as missing in the games industry, both indie and AAA alike. Mostly its predefined traditions that I’ve noticed is what keep people from discovering these important things, while at other times their importance is dismissed due to their long-term nature, opting to go for solutions that offer short-term solutions without any regard toward sustainability or the side effects of quick and dirty solutions.

I hope to highlight these things and why their important with this blog post, so that they’d be used more often. They lead to better game design, which I personally find lacking everywhere nowadays. I want games worth playing and have them last longer damn it.

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Power of encouragement

“You’re a product of your environment”.

What this phrase means, is that the environment you live in becomes your accepted norm. As a consequence, it influences your thinking, behaviour and actions.

“You are what you eat”.

Another similar phrase, although in this case it means that what you consume or do, defines who you are, both mentally and physically. This happens through the consequence of how the things you do or consume affect your mind and body, directly or indirectly.

Video games are about immersing a player in an environment constructed by the developer, where the player consumes content provided by the said environment.

The point I’m getting at here, is that a video game has the capacity to influence a person using the power of encouragement.

And by extension, if you can influence a person, you can change them.

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Debunking prejudices against infinite games.

Infinite game, redefined.

A previous article of mine about infinite games, which I had posted in multiple game developer-centric sites, had gathered some interesting replies that showed some deep prejudices and single-minded views about what an infinite game is or can be.

I will try to address the points that came up and attempt to make it clear that ultimately, any faults you may think or have seen associated with infinite games, is just a matter of design. I will do this by listing the opposing argument, pointing out the possible causes for that particular reaction and explaining what went wrong.

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The infinite game.

Designing for longevity… how?

Making a game last long is a challenge. Making it last forever isn’t any easier either.

The infinite game.

How to achieve infinite gameplay? How to extend the game’s content without bloating it? How to keep the game interesting and fresh, regardless of time spent on it? How would you keep making consistent profits of an infinite game in the long run?

How to do all this, but as to not compromise the game’s integrity or resort to cheap tricks and gimmicks? How to create a true, solid infinite game that will be a success, both as a fun game and a great business model?

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