Offtopic: The Choice is Ours + (PSRC Teaser at the end too)

I felt this was worth sharing and raising awareness about. Very important to see.

As a side note, being a game designer and someone who cares about the above stuff, I often think how to bring this stuff up in a video game. There is certainly the more direct way of making a linear, in-your-face, scripted experience that communicates the specific problems in a specific, immidiate way, but personally I’d prefer letting it happen automatically, emergently within a living universe that lets you observe it happen from the sidelines, experience it first hand and try do something about it.

The last thing I want is to make the game be explicit about teaching this stuff. This is especially the case after all the personal research into the concept of a boundless game, which is essentially a universe simulator.

However, I could structure on how you enter this universe and what already exists in the universe to create an immidiate. I could spawn the player as a human character into a modern city and had them tasked to survive just merely by the notion of the human character having basic needs that need to be met (food, water, shelter), but since the environment is a modern city on a fully conquered planet, trying to randomly build a house anywhere will have you put in jail by the police because the land is owned by someone already and thus your attempt to meet a need to have shelter is illegal.

Same thing for if you simply try to take food without submitting to pay to who ever owns it. Or water. The environment will “force” you into implicit slavery to earn money so you can pay rent infinitely.

To make things even more frustrating, I can make it so that the civilization has fully researched technological systems for automated food factories, lots of vacant housing and plenty of medical advancements that could easily make life not be slavery for money, but refuses to actually use them because the government arbitrarily decided so, for reasons of control and tradition.

Playing this kind of a scenario in a universe simulator could be a very educational experience without ever having to mention anything explicitly about the topics the video mentions.

This is the kind of an ultimate game I’m trying to make and for now I’m focusing on developing an artstyle for it, which PSRC is pretty intended for.

Speaking of PSRC, lots of guns are being sprited and a massive discovery was made that will most likely change how I will treat large objects, when the time comes to sprite them. Small teaser:

Guns guns guns guns guns guns more guns and even more guns

Guns guns guns guns guns guns more guns and even more guns. Also aircraft weaponry. Blurring is intentional.

Its all still in the silhouette/blob phase, as I find it important to make sure the scale is correctly set up, before proceeding with shading and structure. Consistency is vital for game design.

After the guns I’ll focus on universal animated effects for fire, smoke, liquid, explosions and sparks. I’m hoping to include those with the free Starter Pack 2.


PSRC: Release is GO!

PSRCLogo4Its finally here! The first Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore packages have been released on the Unity Asset Store. Click the link to my website to get an overview:

Heres a gallery of the type of packages available now:

PSRC_StarterPack_DEMO PSRC_UrbanMaintenance_DEMO PSRC_KitchenGear_DEMO PSRC_HouseUtilities_DEMO PSRC_BuilderHardware_DEMO PSRC SkeletonChar DEMO PSRC HumanChar DEMO

PSRC: Progress – Painted, Sliced and Prepped

Another progress update:
This time coloring is fully completed for all 5 packs, all slicing done and all marketing/key images completed:

^The key image for the asset store.

^Besides getting an optimized atlas sheet, each object is also available as a seperate image.

These things are still left to be done:
-Load these into unity and create the actual uploadable asset store packages
-Add a simple demo animation walk cycle to the human and skeleton character packs so the asset store staff wont stop publishing those packs this time.
-Restructure my website at to also now feature these sprites packs.
-Think through my marketing texts and descriptions and links.
-Publish and release.

PSRC Progress: Starter Pack, Heli, Boats, Guns

Since the last time, I looked at what more I could add to the Starter Pack of the Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore (PSRC) series of game art, I had these so far:

  • prototyping shapes
  • a human character
  • clothes
  • digging tools
  • natural forest objects
  • a car
  • a plane
  • some weapons
  • measurement rulers
  • common gameplay objects
  • consumables
  • balls

The idea for the Starter Pack is to serve as a free entry into using my sprites, which has enough objects and art to make a complete game out of, meanwhile the other packs would be considered as additional expansion packs, which would expand upon certain themes that the developer might specifically need for their game.

Its a bit of like an ethical and fair freemium model. You get a generous free starter pack that is enough to make you a full game, but if you want more art, then you’ll buy the expansions to extend your library.

Anyway, thinking on what more to add, I figured since if I had a car and a plane already, then why not have a boat too? Land, Air and Sea… you know. And since in 2D games a more suitable flying vehicle would be a helicopter, why not add that as well:


Then I figured since I’m offering a pistol, a sniper rifle and a grenade, might as well complete the set with a good ol’ AK47 and a shotgun:


In addition to that, I also added some fruits, boat accessories and a sheet of seamless tiling textures. The idea is that you can build a level out of the prototyping shapes, then have your game engine assign a tiling texture on top of them. I also cut the whole thing into optimized sheets and lined up the sprites.


So, now I’m happy to say the Starter Pack is pretty much filled with a complete spectrum of stuff. All if left now, is to color them, error check for rogue pixels, cut them into individual sprites images, prepare marketing images, descriptions and a nexus page of some sort. Only a few days now. I hope.

I’m offering the pack as optimized power-of-2 sheets of 256×256 pixels, but also as individually cut objects, so you can choose which format suits your engine/system better.

How to prevent others from making mistakes you see them about to make?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about an issue. The issue of me seeing people do dumb decisions and how could it be possible for me to prevent it. Both in life and game design.

I had this one on my mind for a long while, but lately two things pushed me to just make a blog post about it to express my feelings of frustration towards this.

I’m currently participating in an Alpha test for a game called Reassembly, by Anisoptera Games. Its a top down space shooter where you can build your ship out of simple modules and make something remarkable, then use it to defeat other remarkable ships in an open world galaxy.


Then, I watched an interview by VICE on a rapper, who allegedly stole an armored police car along with some gold and is now sitting in prison, his artist name being Xatar.

These are just two concrete examples, but there are many, many, many, many… and many more. Some have already happened, others I can see happen before they will, but realize I’m powerless to stop it.

The common thing about the two above things and many other instances, is how people are often doomed to take actions or to make decisions that will have concequences they wish they could have avoided before it ever happened.

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Announcing: PSRC – A huge library of pixel sprites

As a part of my long term goal of creating a boundless game I’ve been itching to create, I’ve been spending a lot of time this year on creating a systematic workflow for creating mass-produced pixel game art.

Hopefully I can make a living on this so I could finally have the space and time to study design patterns in peace and actually make that boundless game later on.

Its getting really close to being ready for release, so I decided to announce it to get some awareness and also give a chance for people to affect what I should prioritize in terms of objects.

Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore is basically a huge library of pixel art sprites for game development use.


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Video games can(not) cause violence

With the recent controversy over Hatred, a game about a nameless trenchcoat man going on a murderous rampage after being frustrated with the world, which got momentarily banned from Steam, sparked immense controversy over its violent trailer and caused lots of hysteria, I really wanted to think this one through.

Can video games cause violence?

Cause? No.

Encourage? In a very specific way, yes.

However, as wierd as it sounds, Hatred is actually more of a game that would discourage violence than encourage it.

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